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Remembering the holy journey of Isra Miraj by the prophet Muhammad SAW, inspired by the culture and heritage of Aceh, the 5th Nusantara series from SASKARA presents the beauty of BUNGONG JEUMPA (Cempaka flower), combined with the design of iconic Baiturrahman Grand Mosque and Gunongan structure. Made from soft and light satin silk fabric, with a lovely pouch and additional prayer mat companion, in harmony with the colors and patterns of the prayer robe. BUNGONG JEUMPA comes in 5-colors prayer set, with each name proudly taken from Aceh woman nation heroes, Cut Nyak Dhien, Cut Meutia, Keumalahayati, Pocut Meurah Intan, Cut Nyak Puteh, immortalized their spirit in the form of prayer essentials, soft, beauty, elegant, and strong.

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