Our Journey



When it comes to praying, we’re all taught to be pure and honest. To say sorry and share the story, to confess and get closer to The Creator. SASKARA realizes that, during the process, many feelings are involved. It can be happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, calmness, confusion, disappointment, envy, excitement, fear, guilt, joy, romance, satisfaction, surprise, sympathy, and even triumph. We call them Purity.


When we communicate to The Creator, we are guided to dress up beautifully. Through the selected quality of fabric, SASKARA prioritizes to create the most comfortable essentials that turn out the experience of praying in a pleasant and more enjoyable way.


In a world full of trends, SASKARA wants to remain a classic. SASKARA is pleased to elevate Indonesian heritage with craftsmanship and creativity through an elegant way that changes the perspective of praying. Genuine, pure and honest relationship, not only between humans but between us and The Creator.